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2019 Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 4 – Argentina vs Japan

2019 Women's World Cup: Day 42019 Women’s World Cup: Day 4 – Argentina vs Japan: Day 4 of the 2019 Women’s World Cup gave us a second surprise result in two days. On paper, this looked like a victory for Nadeshiko, the team from Japan, against an unfancied Argentinian side. Japan are ranked seventh against Argentina’s 37th. The South American’s parked the bus to ensure the game ended in stalemate. In the other match played, Canada won narrowly over Cameroon with centre back Kadeisha Buchanan making the difference as Canada broke the deadlock when she buried a header just before half time. We’ll take a look at the phrases park the bus and break the deadlock later in this post. We’ll also look at how the languagecaster predictions competition went as four are neck and neck at the top of the table.: Aki, Fumiko, Nina, and Tokyo red. If you have questions or comments you can email us at:

2019 Women’s World Cup Language: Park the Bus

The nil-nil draw between Argentina and Japan was met with delight in Argentina, as the South Americans have an atrocious record in internationals. In the previous six games they have played at the last two world Cups, they have shipped 33 goals while scoring only two. No wonder they parked the bus against dark horses, Japan. To park the bus is to be very defensive. It is a slightly negative term, and if you want to be more positive about the defensive tactics, you might say Argentina were very compact or extremely disciplined.

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2019 Women’s World Cup Language: Break the Deadlock

In Canada’s match against Cameroon, the North American side found it difficult to fashion, create, good goal scoring chances. They dominated the ball and kept trying to break down the African side, having twelve shots, with seven on target. They finally got the breakthrough they wanted when a late first-half header broke the deadlock. A deadlock is a situation when both teams cannot score, the game is even, and it is hard for either team to get a chance. It probably comes from the sport of wrestling when two wrestlers both hold each other in a tight grip, a deadlock. To break the deadlock, means to score and take the lead.

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2019 Women’s World Cup Predictions

Only two games on Day 4 and only one goal. With the surprise draw between Japan and Argentina, there was little movement in the league, although Tokyo Red did join the previous three leaders with a perfect prediction of 1-0 in the Canada versus Cameroon match. That means there are four at the top on eleven points, Aki, Fumiko, Nina and Tokyo Red. They are followed Deryk on nine, and then by the home team, Learn English Through Football, Dagmar, and Titus Pinsch on eight points.

There are three games on day 5 with New Zealand taking on the Netherlands, Chile playing Sweden, and the US versus Thailand.  To play the predictions game, it’s not too late, you can log in/register and then add your scores. More information about playing can be found here. There will be a small prize for the winner!

Next Matches

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Current Ranking – Day 4                   

1. Fugesi 52
2. Learn English through Football 48
3. fitzpab 42
4. HP Sauce 36
5. grell 35
6. zicanda 30
7. niall 24
8. Cairns 24
9. Mightytoft 21
10. Splinno 13
11. ShunSena 6
12. Martin C 4
13. Aleksy 1
14. Aaronencon 0
15. AATF 0

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