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2014 World Cup Word of the Day: The Collection

2014 World Cup Word of the DayEvery day during the 2014 World Cup the languagecaster team posted a World Cup Word of the Day and in this post we have collected them all together for easy reference. How many of them can you remember? Can you remember which games they refer to? Why not try our World Cup Word Quiz, to see how well you know your football language!

2014 World Cup Words of the Day

1. (to) Re-write the record books
2. Third-place play-off
3. Penalty shoot-out
4. (to be) Blown away
5. The man in the middle
6. (to) Pick up a caution
7. (to be) Flagged offside
8. Penalty shout
9. Sweeper-keeper
10. Plan B
11. (to) Edge past/out
12. Lull
13. Good finish
14. (to) Top the group
15. Ban
16. Attacking flair
17. (to) Ghost past
18. (to) Latch on to
19. (to be) Flat
20. Flick on
21. Champions’ curse
22. Goalkeeping gaffe
23. Nil-nil draw
24. (to be) Out on their feet
25. (to) Stun
26. Looping header
27. Dodgy refereeing
28. Slow starters
29. Warm up

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  • great site to learn English for football fans.Guys,I have a suggestion if you don’t mind.It would be excellent if u just post some football broadcast transcriptions to learn football collocations.Most of time we just learn expressions or words that are splendid but when It comes to narrate a football game I’m lost to words.Of course,I’m not a profesional football narrator but we can be able to play the role of it.I’ve tryed to do it with my friend who is also learning english and we both struggled to keep our fluently when narrating a football game.Thanks in advanced my friends.This website is excellent.

    • Thank you again Raulito for the kind words and the suggestion. Yes, I think it is a good idea to talk a little more about football commentary – we will have a look and see if we can post some clips in order to look at the language a little more as this could be useful for learners.

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