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World Cup Word of the Day: Looping Header

World Cup WordWorld Cup Word of the Day. It’s the second day of the World Cup and today, Languagecaster explains the phrase looping header. Every day we plan to bring you a word or phrase that has been part of the World Cup 2014 story.

World Cup Word of the Day: Looping Header

A looping header curves up and then down, making the shape of half a circle. It is not hit with a lot of power and does not travel in a flat, straight direction. Instead it is guided upwards and over the goalkeeper or defender. You can also have a looping cross or looping shot – again these phrases describe the ball moving up and over a player, making an arc shape.

  • Example: In the Spain v Holland game, the Dutch side equalised with a Van Persie looping header.
  • Example: The looping header was guided over the goalkeeper into the far corner.

Make sure you check out more football language at our glossary and also our World Cup posts. You can also leave a comment if you ahve a suggestion for our world Cup Word of the Day below in the comments section.

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