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World Cup Word of the Day: Good finish

World Cup ClicheEach day during the 2014 World Cup the languagecaster team is explaining a key word or phrase for learners of English in our World Cup Language posts. Today’s phrase is one we use when describing a good goal: ‘good finish‘.

World Cup Phrase – Good finish

In football the verb ‘to finish‘ can refer to the scoring of a goal, for example, the striker finished well. If a player scores a good goal we can say that he or she has scored with a good or a nice finish. Conversely, if a player misses badly we can say that it was a poor finish.

  • Example: Germany’s Thomas Müller scored with a good finish against the USA.
  • Example: Argentina’s winner against Iran was a wonderful finish by Leo Messi.

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  • As a noun, what does “finish” mean here?

    Rooney equalised with a powerful finish from the edge of the area.

    Stones tapping home with a first-time finish from Joao Cancelo’s teasing free-kick.

    Pep Guardiola’s side were made to wait until the start of the second half before taking the lead through John Stones’ close-range finish, before Gabriel Jesus soon took advantage of a mix-up at the back to double the visitors’ lead.

    • Hi Sandara,

      A finish means a successful shot – a goal. So, a powerful finish is a hard shot that beats the goalkeeper. A first-time finish, means the striker hits the ball without controlling it first and scores.

      Also check out the verb ‘to finish‘.

      The languagecaster team

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