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Weekly Football Phrase: To Boss the Game

Every week, brings you words or phrases from the footballing news. Today we explain the phrase ‘to boss the game’. You can understand more about the word or phrase by reading the transcript below. You can also find many more examples by going to our football cliches page here and our huge football glossary here.

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This week’s football phrase is ‘to boss the game‘, which means to completely dominate the game. When one team outplays the other and does not let it have any chances to score or to play their normal style we say that they boss the game. In this week’s European matches Bayern Munich bossed the early part of their Champions League match but were unable to score thus allowing BATE to seal a surprising victory, while Tottenham also failed to win their Europa League tie after bossing most of the game. To boss the game.

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  • Hello, what does “ship” mean in this context?

    55 min: Leicester *ship* possession on the edge of their own box, Evans struggling to reach the ball. They’re fortunate that Mane dawdles with space ahead of him on the left, and that Thiago subsequently miscontrols

    • Hi Dwi,

      Another excellent question.

      You can find part of the answer in our glossary (the top of the website).

      The glossary has to ship goals – to give goals away, to allow goals to be scored, to concede goals. In your example, the writer has said to ship possession – this is an unusual use of the verb ‘to ship’, but it means the same thing – to give away, to concede – so to give away possession.

      Hope that helps,

      The Languagecaster Team

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