Weekly Football Phrase: Box-to-box midfielder

box-to-boxThis week’s weekly football phrase was inspired by a question from reader/listener Muda Sulaiman, who wanted to know if we had any information on box-to-box midfielder amongst other phrases.

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Box-to-box midfielder

The box in this phrase refers to the area in front of the goal, 44 yards across and 18 deep. This is where the goalkeeper can handle the ball. Box to box, therefore, means the space between each team’s goal area. A box-to-box midfielder is an energetic player, who is positioned in the centre of the pitch, running between the halves. They are usually good passers of the ball, have a good shot, are good at shielding the ball, and good at tackling. In other words, and all round midfielder. Box-to-box midfielder

  • Example: The box-to-box midfielder is the toughest position to master in the modern game as it requires both defensive and attacking diligence.
  • Example: One of the hardest positions to master is the box-to-box midfield role because you have to be competent in defence and attack.
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