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This week’s English for football is the phrase on aggregate which simply means the total or the sum of something. In football it is common to use this word with the preposition ‘on’ and is usually used when there are two-leg matches, that is when two teams play each other home and away to decide the winner. This week’s Champions League matches saw Chelsea, Man United and Real Madrid all qualify for the last eight of the competition. Chelsea won 2-0 on aggregate, United 2-1 on aggregate while Madrid beat Lyon 3-0 on aggregate. On aggregate.

Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football

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  • What is the meaning of the words “thrust”, “put” and “pull” here?

    4 min Rather bitty so far, as you’d expect, with West Ham using their wide midfielders to block City’s thrusts down the flanks.

    France are now on top. A chance for Mbappe but he puts it wide.

    It’s all Derby in the early stages and Ward almost picks out Sammon in the middle before Bryson lets fly from distance but pulls it wide of the near post.

    • Hello,

      1. City’s thrusts down the flanks means their attacks along the sides (flanks) of the pitch.
      2. To put it wide means that the player shot wide of the post – they missed the target.
      3. Pull it wide of the post is similar to number 2 – the player has hit the ball wide – again off target. To pull a shot suggests the player did not hit the ball cleanly and maybe that’s why it went off target (wide).

      Hope that helps


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