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The Language of Predictions

People are always guessing what is going to happen in the future. It may be, ‘Is it going to rain tomorrow?’ ‘Will my team win the league?’ or  ‘Do you think I should invest my money in this company?’ Predicting the future is part of our daily life and our everyday conversation. You don’t have to be a Nostrodamus to try to predict what will happen in the future. Of course, at, we are always trying to predict the score of matches in the world’s beautiful game, football!

The language of predictions.

In English, if you want  to make guesses about the future, or make predictions, there are a number of ways you can do so. Let’s look at talking about football matches as examples – but the language can be used for most guesses about the future.

1. Will

  • Question (WH): Who do you *think will win (between Chelsea and Manchester United)?

Statement/Answer: I think Chelsea will win.  OR  Chelsea.

  • Question (Yes/No) Do you think Chelsea will win?

Statement/Answer: Yeah, they‘ll win easily

Language Tip: ‘will’ can sometimes sound very strong if you add stress. Holland WILL win = definitely win

2. Be going to

  • Question (WH): Who do you *think are going to win (Chelsea and Manchester United)?

Statement/Answer: I think Chelsea‘re going to win.

  • Question (Yes/No): Do you think Chelsea are going to win?

Statement/Answer: I think Chelsea’re going to win.

Language Tip: When speaking, reduce the ‘are’ to /É™ / ( ‘re) to sound more natural)

3. Variations

Question: What do you think about the Chelsea v Man United game tonight? (OR something in the future)

  • Go with

Answer/Statement: I’m going to go with Chelsea.

  • (Can) See

Answer/Statement: I (can) see Chelsea winning this one.

Language Tip: If you can’t make a prediction, use phrases like: I don’t know, It’s too close to call, and I’ve no idea.

* You can replace ‘think’ with ‘reckon’ – Who do you reckon will win? / I reckon Holland will win.

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