In this post, we explain the football expression ‘To run out winners’, which is used in football.  To run out winners

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Football Language: To run out winners

In football there are many ways to describe when a team wins a game with one such phrase being ‘to run out winners‘, which means that a team has won a game or a tournament. To run out has many meanings but one of these refers to something that is finished; to run out of time, for example, so we could infer that the phrase ‘to run out winners‘ refers to the fact that one team has won at the end of a game or a tournament. So, for example, we can say ‘Belgium ran out winners against Egypt in a pre-World Cup friendly’ or when talking about a tournament you might hear pundits predict that they think Brazil might run out winners.


Example: 2-6: Madrid run out handsome winners at Riazor (Real

Example: Second-half goals from Olivier Giroud and Alvaro Morata saw the Blues run out winners at Wembley (The Independent, 22nd April 2018).

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