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Football Language: To face

This post explains facethe football term ‘To face’.

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Football Language: To face

The verb to face someone or something really means to challenge or to go against. When we say that a team is facing another team we mean that they are playing against them. So, England will face Tunisia in their first World Cup match in Volgograd on June 18th – their first game is against the Tunisian side. Sometimes it is used with a player’s name rather than a team, so for example, Iceland’s fans are delighted that their team will face Messi in the World Cup.

Example:  Hosts Russia face Saudi Arabia in the opening game of the 2018 World Cup next summer.

Example: ‘Germany… will likely face three robust examinations against Mexico, Sweden and South Korea as they try to retain the title for the first time since Brazil did so in 1962.’ ( December 1st 2017)

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