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Football Cliches

Cliches are expressions or sayings that have become so overused that they have lost some of their original impact. In football, cliches are used quite a lot and they are often associated with the emotional aspect of the game. Sometimes the meaning is clear or extremely obvious, e.g. football is a game of two halves but more often than not the original meaning of a cliche is often difficult to understand. Why, for example, are parrots sick? How can a player give 110% when 100% surely is the maximum? And why does a victory send players and managers over the moon?

Many feel that the overuse of cliches demonstrates the fact that football players, managers, fans, commentators and pundits have a poor vocabulary and are lacking in imagination. However, cliches form part of the football discourse and though there is often no logical explanation to their meaning, they do provide some colour and humour for the football world.

If you hear any other cliches then let us know by posting a comment here. It will, to paraphrase the great manager, Brian Clough, only take a second.

Latest Football Cliches

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