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Football Cliche: To be as sick as a parrot

Football, like life, is full of cliches and on today’s post we are going to be talking about a classic – one that everyone in the game knows about: To be as sick as a parrot. This phrase comes with a transcript and separate audio file which can help with listening and reading practice as well as improve vocabulary building. They can be accessed by clicking here and you can also find a list of football language in alphabetical order by visiting our football glossary page here.

To be as sick as a parrot mp3

This phrase is the opposite of being over the moon and means to be upset after losing a game – usually an important one. This phrase is not heard as much as it was before, particularly in the 1970s when players frequently used it. Nowadays players tend to say that they are ‘sickened’ or ‘gutted‘ at losing or conceding a late winner rather than using the expression containing the original unwell bird!

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